using namespace phr0z3n;

using namespace Phr0z3n;

The Phr0z3n Object was first constructed in C++ in 2001.  The code has been constantly rewritten and, henceforth, evolving since, for logical reasons: others, not outdoing, code revision for stability/security and comformity with the ANSI standards and implementation of new features.

Embedded within the Phr0z3n namespace, commonly aliased, namespace Phr0z3nSpace = Phr0z3n, or, using namespace Phr0z3nSpace = Phr0z3n, in C#, are other namespaces, namely:

a class declared solely for isolating shared (and other) assembly entry points.

containing the 'custom' code (classes, methods, and other objects) used in the most secure time implementation, inspired solely by the upcomming self-authored article: 'Y2K Was Merely A 'Potential' Bug: Y2K Was Nothing To Worry About: January 19, 2038 Is Around The Corner', with sections ported to the C Language in myTimeDate.c.

containing code written to access other libs/assemblies written/implemented by the said dev.

containing code written to manipulate the significant standard streams, in the most skillful ways, for desired results.  In the, later derived (and implemented), Phr0z3n.cs, significant emphasis was placed on the System.IO.MemoryStream class, defined in the mscorlib.dll .NET assembly, which is the workhorse for accessing and manipulating custom/external (embedded) assembly objects/resources.

containing code used in networking.

embedding other namespaces containing projects already developed or currently being developed by the said dev, namely:

white hat stuff.

Phr0z3nHax::Hax0r (Phr0z3nHax.Hax0r in Phr0z3n.cs):
gray hat stuff.

forensic stuff.

top secret stuff.

work in progress.

containing code implementing acute error/exception handling (using the MessageBox on Windows).

While the dev will not state how the different codes are 'logically' implemented (including detailed code structure), an example of a 'specific' .NET assembly's entry point is:
internal class Phr0z3nMain { private void Main(){} }

Other derivatives of The Phr0z3n Object are:

an IRC channel, created by the said dev, regarding developemnt and contains links to code snippets written/used by the said dev.

an IRC channel, created by the said dev, that is dedicated to Ubuntu Linux.

an IRC channel, created by the said dev, that is dedicated to other Linux/*NIX-based operating systems.

Chess as a hobby of the dev.

the dev's most prominent handle.  Others preferred are:
Phr0z3n.Penguin (*nix-related with many variants),
Phr0z3n.Daemon/Phr0z3nDaemon (BSD-related),
Phr0z3n.Knight/Phr0z3n_Knight/Phr0z3nKnight (preferred on chess servers),
Phr0z3nX (general gaming handle),
simply The.Phr0z3n or Phr0z3n, among others.

NOTE: There is always one realted to a particular (dev) entity.

the dev's dev handle.

NOTE: In the cyber-underworld (commonly associated with (the) DarkNet), you usually become wortcode of a prominent handle whenever you have performed, at least one, notable (not necessarily notorious) hack/task.  Upon gaining notoriety, the handle that you used in the event tend to become associated with your real name.  You can always Google 'famous hackers' or 'notorious hackers' and probe the results for their aliases.

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